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Access and Minimum Charge

When your work order is received, we immediately scheduled to accomplish your task. Once your work order is dispatched, we equip, supply and prep for your requested work order. These functions have an immediate cost to our company (worker time, truck time, fuel, equipment/supplies, insurance and overhead) all of which are expensed on your behalf, at time of dispatch. If for any reason, you need to cancel a work order, it's critical that you do so prior to dispatch as a minimum service call charge will be invoiced to every dispatched work order (whether we reach your job site or the work order is canceled in transit).

Work Site Access:

Upon our arrival, should access to the work site not be provided (work order canceled, double booked, other trade(s) in unit, scheduling problem, not ready, lost/missing keys, service refusal, no utilities, no thermostatically controllable hvac, unsafe conditions, etc.) or other interference with our timely ability to start service, we will wait 5 to 7 minutes for manager problem solving, before determining a conditional service delay. When the unit is occupied and the resident, guest, friend, family, pet, police, emergency responder, or other vendor(s) and/or conditions do not allow safe access to the unit - we will leave the property and contact you to reschedule.

If resident of an occupied unit doesn't appear to be expecting us, we will wait 5 to 7 minutes for the resident to contact you, but we do not speak to resident on your behalf or relay messages back to you. If condition(s) in the unit become unsafe or unstable, we will immediately leave and contact you. In these cases, an adjusted invoice (for the work accomplished or our minimum service call charge) will be sent to the property.

Service Call Minimum Charge:
During our regular business hours, our minimum service charge for dispatching to your property is $50 per service ordered. During regular business hours, you may order any service which retails for less than $50, but if it's the only service requested, the minimum service charge will apply. After 4pm, Saturday, Sunday and all Holiday Service is $112.50 per requested service dispatched to your property.
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