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Service Requirements

Providing immediate, uninterrupted unit access and preventing delays and lock-outs is the responsibility of the property.
In our mobile resurfacing business, we consider no access, lock-outs, double-booked vendors, work interruptions and unsecured working environments (apartment w/o deadbolt locks) as seriously as your industry considers vendor no-shows or skipped residents. If a failed service call occurs, a $90 deposit may be required prior to future service scheduling

The only reason we've come to your property, is because you've made a date and/or time specific service request. From the time your order is received, until the work has been accomplished, expenses are being incurred on your behalf. While your business is Leasing Apartments, ours is a Service by Appointment business. If you've placed an order, but do not ensure our timely access, you're effectively preventing us from doing business on both your property and somewhere else. A closed or unattended office, no access to unit, no key, unsecured work environment or where staff/residents/other vendor(s) are working in the unit, interruptions of our work, no utilities and/or properly working fixtures, including dripping faucets and thermostatically controllable hvac, shall constitute a conditional cancellation of your order.

When we arrive at your location, our requirements are basic. We need uninterrupted access, a secured environment, electrical power, lighting and thermostatically controllable hvac. If we're locked-out, have no access or where staff/residents/other vendors are in the unit, or where staff/residents/other vendors interrupt our work in-progress, we are being conditionally prevented from performing work. This will result in the cancellation of your order. If your requested service is for a day when someone will not be continuously in the office, or you've made arrangements for after-hours service, it's incumbent upon the property to arrange and provide for our access upon arrival. If you'll be closed during lunch (or at other times on the requested service date) the closure time-frames should be communicated in the comments section of your order. Should we arrive to find that the office is closed, locked, no answer at door or otherwise unattended, we'll go to the apartment to see if we can gain direct access. The combination of a closed office and a unit lock-out is a conditional cancellation of your order.

If you have gated entries and/or locked foyers and we do not have a code number, a working key, password, or the key/pad/locking mechanism is non responsive, this also constitutes a conditional cancellation of your order. If you have a security guard service that doesn't allow access or instructs us to leave the property, your order is conditionally cancelled. If there are activities on the property causing our personnel to feel unsafe, they will immediately leave the property and the order may be conditionally cancelled. If the unit is locked, we'll make reasonable on-site access efforts (knocking on office/unit door, looking for a key under door mat and perhaps check to see if back door is unlocked) but as our arrival should be anticipated as a result of the property's own scheduling, unless there's a deposit on the order, we'll expend efforts for no longer than 7 to 10 minutes prior to departure. On after-hours service calls and/or where there is no sidewalk access and/or security/ lighting in the backdoor area, we may not check for unlocked back doors.

If the manager lives on-site and said apartment has continuously posted signs designating it as an "after-hours office" and a notice is professionally posted at the main office directing all customers to use the after-hours office location, we'll knock on that designated after-hours office location one time. If this manager's apartment is not continuously designated as an "after-hours office," we will not knock on unit doors under any condition. We do not travel to off-site locations in search of the manager(s), telephone company office(s), phone other affiliated properties, courtesy officers, call supervisor(s), call property management owners, contact property owner(s), emergency/after hours number(s), or personal phone number(s), etc. As a professional courtesy, a note will be left at the main office. A $90 no access or lock-out service call may be invoiced to the property and/or $90 deposit may be required prior to future service scheduling.

Should you need to cancel, reschedule or make changes to an existing work order, it's critical that you make changes in writing by email and/or text message to our office in a timely manner. Personnel reporting to your property do not schedule their time and will not return to your property unless instructed by our office. If you have an emergency and will be away from the office, please contact us via email and/or text message and let us know how to access the unit(s). Should we arrive at your office prior to receiving your written instructions, you'll need to make new service scheduling arrangements. In some cases, a $90 deposit will be required prior to rescheduling. Sending a timely written work order change request to our office is the key to rescheduling Service. If the date and time of service changes, a new Resurfacing Agreement is necessary.

We staff our business based on the known number/type of services purchased the previous day. For this reason, "same day work orders" can be difficult for us to accomplish. Please know that we're interested in helping our customers solve problems, so let us know how we can be helpful to you.

We do not provide free estimate, quotes or consultations for routine service work. All pricing can be found on this website. Our consultation pricing is $105/hr plus travel

A Resurfacing Agreement must be signed, dated and received before we dispatch to your property
. If the unit is occupied, the resident(s) must also sign and date the Resurfacing Agreement. Once the form is completed, you may email or fax the signed Resurfacing Agreements to our office: Fax (601) 519-4821 and we will sign and fax back to you. If you do not have a Resurfacing Agreement with our signature, it's likely that some aspect of the document we've received from you has not been completed And we can not dispatch until there is a completed agreement.
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